Currently Reading

A new month begins and I’m currently in the middle of two really good reads.

I wanted to read a mystery and I wanted a comfort book so I thought this means I need to revisit with a favorite series. Going back to favorites means you are already acquainted with the characters and can easily sink into the story.

So I chose A Study in Death by Anna Lee Huber which is the fourth in the Lady Darby series. Lady Darby quickly finds herself investigating the death of woman whose portrait she had been commissioned to paint. Not only does she feel some guilt about what led to the woman’s death but she is also concerned about her sister’s health and her own upcoming wedding. Definitely a lot going on but I am thoroughly enjoying this book. If you’ve not checked out this mystery series I encourage you to give it a try but I would recommend starting with the first book.

My other read is Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser. A group of women friends had an fun evening outdoors, chatting, drinking and enjoying some downtime but the next day one of them is missing and all wonder how well they knew their friend and all the others. I can already tell that this is one where I’m going to have doubts about all the characters and think everyone is hiding something.

Of course I’m thinking what else can I add to the mix. Granted then I take a look at all of my HR material I’m supposed to be reading and well maybe I just stick with these two for a while. What about you, what are you reading to kick off this month?

Happy weekend everyone!

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