Currently Reading

I hope I can get to some reviews soon because I’ve finished a couple of books but lately my mind is more on reading plans for next year. Don’t you feel like you need to start making reading plans? It must be all the fun posts on challenges and end of year favorites I keep reading.

Anyway, I have finished some good stories like The Dark Monk by Oliver Pötzsch which was a good follow up to The Hangman’s Daughter, and I read Good Kings Bad Kings by Susan Nussbaum in a couple of sittings. Really liked this book and it will probably end up on my favorites of the year list.

Unfortunately I did have two DNFs and those happened to be books for German Literature month. I chose some books that were definitely not lighthearted and right now with all the busy-ness I have going on I need a bit more comfort reading. So one goes back to my shelf and the other to the library. Perhaps another time.

The other night I picked up A Murder at Rosamund’s Gate by Susanna Calkins and so far it’s a good historical mystery. I’m kind of in the mood to start another book but we’ll see. Alright now it’s off to spend a bit of time with my mystery before bed time.

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