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closetohome.jpg“Was he running? Yes, in a way. Running from a failed marriage and a botched romance, and from a job that had threatened, for the second time in his life, to send him over the edge with its conflicting demands, its proximity to violent death and all that was worst in people. He was seeking a temporary escape, at least.”

I have a lot of new books I want to read and books for book groups that are also vying for my attention, but last night the only thing I felt I could settle down with was with an old favorite. Not a book I’ve read before but a character I’ve come to know pretty well now that I am 12 books into the series.

Close to Home by Peter Robinson is the 13th book featuring Detective Inspector Alan Banks. In this book Inspector Banks is on holiday in Greece but his time spent enjoying the peace, reading Greek classic stories and playing chess in the evenings is about to come to an end.

The skeleton of a boy is discovered and Banks must go back to find out what happened. What makes this discovery so compelling is that Banks knows who the boy was. I can’t wait to see how Banks will solve this mystery.

I think this is what makes good series books so special. You already know the characters so you almost feel like there is no effort being made jumping into a new story. And, what keeps drawing you back in is that you still want to know more of the characters, how they’ll change as time goes by and/or what is coming their way.

What about you? Have you visited with an old favorite series character recently?

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