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I’m still reading Alone With You and Murder in the Marais but unfortunately I’m not feeling that sense of “oh, I can’t wait to see what happens next” with these two books. I’ll finish them up but it may take me a while longer.

In the meantime I’ve added two new books to my current reads and the first one is The Summer of Skinny Dipping by Amanda Howells. A boy, a girl, young love, heartbreak, you know, all that good stuff. So far, I know that sixteen-year-old Mia has sworn off boys for good after being dumped by her boyfriend. She’s now spending the summer on the beach with her cousin but feels left out and alone. I’ll let you know what happens.

My other read I just started this afternoon, The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson. Although I’ve heard a lot of good reviews of this book I admit I had some reservations because even though it’s a mystery, it’s also a  “western”. I haven’t had much success with some other western type books so I wasn’t too sure. I’m still not very far into the story but I’m hooked. The characters are very different from other mystery series characters I like and I know I always mention that I like mysteries set in a foreign place, well, this one definitely feels foreign to me so I like it. I need to finish this book by next Tuesday for my mystery book group discussion.

Now you would think that’s a good number of books to have but ever since I finished The Affinity Bridge (review to come) I’ve been wanting to read another book set in Victorian London. That is one my favorite settings. If I had a time machine that’s where I’d want to  go visit for sure. I have several books set in this time period but I can’t decide which one so if you’ve got a favorite let me know and I may just pick it up next.

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