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charitygirl.jpgMy first read is Charity Girl by Michael Lowenthal which is about a young woman who is trying to escape her circumstances. It’s set during WWI so times are difficult, money is scarce but young ladies still want to have a bit of fun. Unfortunately for some, the fun times they have with the soliders comes at a very high price. The government has a crusade to fight venereal disease and if a woman is accused of having it then she’s sent to a detention center until she’s healed.

I had no idea that this actually happened and although this is a work of fiction it is just appalling to read about how women were treated as if they were the only ones to blame for this. I’m about half way through this book and I’m just so curious when Frieda is going to stop wishing her solider boyfriend rescues.

placeexecution.jpgMy other read is A Place of Execution by Val McDermid which is a crime novel about the disappearance of a teenager in a small village in England. A newly appointed inspector has to prove he is up to the task of finding out what happened to Alison.

What I’m really enjoying about this book is that the author is really taking care to flesh out her characters. I like how just as I’m learning about what drives Inspector Bennett, he is also learning about who his fellow officers are and what makes them tick.

penelopiad.jpgFinally a read I just added to my line up last night is The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. Oh why did I wait so long to start this one?

As you probably already know, this is the retelling of the myth of Odysseus from Penelope’s viewpoint. Penelope can certainly spin a tale. She is witty, quick to point out what she thinks of the Gods and critical of those who talked about her. I’m barely into this one but so far I love it.

This one I’m planning to count as one of  my reads for the Once Upon A Time Challenge.

I just realized though that next Tuesday is my mystery reading group meeting so the next read I add to this mix will probably be the one for that group which is The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny. Granted I still have my pile of library books that I want to dive into so we’ll see what I go for next.

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