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So what have I been reading lately? Don Quixote! For a while there I would just read a few pages here and there and while I liked what I was reading I don’t think I was doing the book justice. Too many starts and stops. But this week, I’ve focused more on my Don Quixote reading and I finally feel like I’m really into the story, watching it unfold.

Granted I’m still behind and I don’t think I’ll finish by the end of September which had sort of been my goal but that’s okay. What have I liked best so far? Too many escapades to mention but one scene I really liked is when Sancho Panza tells Don Quixote he knows who the fair Dulcinea is.

“I know her very well,’ said Sancho, ‘and I can say that she can throw a metal bar just as well as the brawniest lad in the village. Praise our Maker, she’s a fine girl in every way, sturdy as a horse, and just the one to pull any knight errant or about to be errant, who has her for his lady, right out of any mudhole he’s fallen into! Damn, but she’s strong!”

Doesn’t he make her sound like the fairest of them all? You’ll have to read the book for even more of Sancho’s description of Dulcinea. Thankfully for Dulcinea’s honor, Don Quixote’s own description of Dulcinea is perfect and just what I expected from the knight errant.

“Sancho, if you do not know already, that two things inspire love more than any other; they are great beauty and a good name, and these two things reach their consummation in Dulcinea, for in beauty, no one is her equal, and as for a good name, few can approach her. And to conclude, I imagine that everything I say is true, no more and no less, and I depict her in my imagination as I wish her to be in beauty and in distinction, and Helen cannot approach her, Lucretia cannot match her,, nor can any of the other famous women of past ages, Greek, Barbarian, or Latin. Let each man say what he chooses; if because of this I am criticized by the ignorant, I shall not be chastised by the learned.”

I know I have a long way to go to catch up to some of the readers over at Tilting at Windmills but I think I’ll continue to have a good time along the way.

In other reading news, I got the latest edition of Yoga Journal. This is one edition I can’t miss because there’s an article on how to take care of sore wrists. I have such a problem doing downward dog and I know it’s because of the pressure I feel in my wrists. I hope the article will help. My other recent read is the BoldType ezine. Great issue especially if you are into graphic novels as there are reviews of new graphic novels.

Aside from reading I also have to figure out which books I’m packing for my vacation. I hope the husband has some spare room in his suitcase. Heh.

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