Current Reads

I’ve been reading some very good books this weekend, so let me share a bit about them with you.

First up is Capote in Kansas by Kim Powers. I’m almost done with this book and good thing too as I’m very excited I get to be a part of the author’s blog tour that starts this week. This is a ghost story of Truman Capote, Harper Lee and the murdered Kansas farm family. So far I can say I’m captivated by this blending of fact and fiction of these two who were once great friends. Here’s a snippet I really liked — can’t you just imagine the two?:

“It was up in that tree, in the backyard of the old Lee house, that she and Truman had first become writers. Each of them provided an essential ingredient (besides imagination and loneliness): Nelle, a beat-up old Underwood typewriter that her father had donated to the cause, and Truman, a waterlogged Webster’s dictionary that he carried everywhere, practically bowed down by its weight.”

My next book which I just started is Ruth Hall by Fanny Fern which is the Slaves of Golconda next book for discussion. My copy happens to be a used copy and there are a few markings throughout and while I typically hate to see writing in books I have to agree with the “WOW!” that is inscribed after this paragraph in which Ruth’s mother-in-law gives her some advice on reading:

“I hope,’ continued the old lady, ‘that you don’t read novels and such trash. I have a very select little library, when you feel inclined to read, consisting of a treatise on The Complaints of Women an excellent sermon on Predestination, by our old minister, Dr. Diggs and Seven Reasons why John Rogers, the martyr, must have had ten children instead of nine; any time that you stand in need of rational reading come to me; and the old lady, smoothing a wrinkle in her black silk apron, took a dignified leave.”

How would you like that woman for your mother-in-law? So I echo the “Wow” and am grateful for my mother-in-law who gives me bookstore gift certificates for birthday gifts and such.

I also started The Almost Archer Sisters by Lisa Gabriele. Still too early to tell but so far one sister has really gotten on my nerves. Let’s hope this story of two sisters is as heartfelt and moving as the back cover promises it to be.

Finally, as I wanted something a bit different in pace I decided to start Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger. Touted as an intense thriller, I have to admit the opening chapter was very good but then the next couple of chapters felt like whole new stories. I think though it’s finally starting to come together so I’m very interested to see what happens next.

Alright so I’m off to keep on reading. Thanks again you guys for entering the Tudormania giveaway — I will announce a winner Tuesday and even better, I’ve got a couple of other giveaways coming up in the next week so stay tuned!

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