Crafty Adventures

I think I mentioned recently that I’ve been working on some journaling tags. Here’s what I’m talking about:


Just a lot of messy painting (my favorite kind) and then with my rubber stamps, funky yarns and good old pen & ink I plan to turn them into this:


The key is that each tag will have a journaling prompt. I’ll tell you why I’m making these later but let me just say they are so fun to make.

In other crafty adventures, I’ve succumbed and started a Facebook Fan Page for Bookgirl’s Studio. I figured that might be an easy way for people to keep up with what’s going on in the Studio. I’ll always mention sales, new products, etc. here as well but if you are on Facebook and want to be my fan, I’d greatly appreciate it!

And, speaking of Bookgirl’s Studio, I’m having an End of Summer Sale this weekend on some of my beaded journals. You can already check them out here. I’m just trying to make room for some new stuff.

More bookish stuff tomorrow.

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