I didn’t mean to take another week off from the blog but last week was a busy one at work and so not a lot of time left for blogging. So this weekend I’ve had a bit of a chance to read and take care of some other projects around the house.

I was super excited to hear that the Austin Book Arts Center is now offering online classes! While it’s not the same as being in a classroom with others, I’ll take this. I had registered for a class in March but then the pandemic started forcing us to stay home so my class was cancelled. Now I’ll be able to take it. Yay! I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

Speaking of bookbinding projects, I made a small little book out of recycled wallpaper and all the pages are from vintage books. I’m planning to use this for a collage journal so will be sharing more images as I’m filling it up.

I really enjoy collage and I was looking through The Collage Workbook, which I’ve had for a while, and would like to focus on some of the exercises. For those of you who enjoy collage let me know if you have any websites or books you recommend.

Alright friends I hope you are all well and staying safe. The COVID-19 numbers are not encouraging. Please let’s all stay home as much as we can and wear a mask. I haven’t been doing any summer clothes shopping but I can tell you that I have some cute masks. Alright hope you have a great week ahead!

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