Comfort Reading

Just like there are comfort foods, I also believe there are comfort books. So even though it was a long week at the office, I ran out of Halloween candy, and my candidate didn’t win the presidency I can trust in the comfort of a good book.

Here is some reading material I recommend in case you need some comforting:

The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery – Valancy is sure that at 29 her chance at love has passed her by. She lives with an overbearing family and finds consolation in her dream of the Blue Castle. A very sweet romance and most importantly a novel about not being scared of life. Don’t be put off by the hideous cover art and give this book a try.

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim – Four Englishwomen spend a month in Italy. Amidst the beauty of the land these four very different ladies begin to change in the way they perceive themselves and others, forging a beautiful friendship. The plot may seem simplistic but the real beauty of this novel is in the storytelling. Believe or not this is also one in which I highly recommend the movie version as well.

Utne – As their tag line says “a different read on life.” I always look forward to reading the latest issue of this magazine. From their ads for organic cereals and independent music artists to articles on activism and the latest cultural trends there is always an engaging article to be found.