Chick-Lit Pandemic?

I haven’t paid much attention to chick-lit in a long while. I went through a phase of reading tons of it after I read Bridget Jones but soon found that a lot of chick-lit was just awful. It was basically the same book with a different pastel cover.

So I’ve been a bit out of touch with chick-lit books but a friend of mine sent me this article from The New York Times which mentions how Chick-Lit is becoming more popular around the world.

See, I wouldn’t mind reading some of these other chick-lit books. They sound more interesting, with the main characters living and working in other cities aside from New York. Nothing against New York but every chick-lit book I read was set in New York.

It also sounds like these other chick-lit books tackle bigger issues and not just which pair of shoes to buy? I wonder if chick-lit books here have changed much. Any thoughts?