Checked Out

I hope you all had a great weekend. We had sunny skies but it was cold! It really was great weather for staying indoors with books but as I mentioned in my last post I had to go to the library to pick up some holds. As I was in a rush because I had some other errands to run I did manage to stay away from the new book shelves. Another time. Anyway here’s what I got:

Confessions by Kanae Minato. This novel explores the limits of punishment, despair, and tragic love, culminating in a harrowing confrontation between teacher and student that will place the occupants of an entire school in danger. Sounds intense doesn’t it? I hope to read this one this month so I can complete the Japanese Literature Reading Challenge.

One Secret Thing by Sharon Olds. In my effort to read outside my comfort zone of poets, I decided to check out this collection. I’ve read a poem here and there by Olds but really wanted to become better acquainted.

The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine by Alexander McCall Smith. I believe this is the 16th book in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. I’ve read and have greatly enjoyed quite a few of these but I think I’m about 5 books behind. Normally I wouldn’t have jumped to a newer one in the series but I’m reading this one for my mystery book group this month.

Paracuellos by Carlos Giménez. This is a graphic memoir of the children of the defeated in Franco’s Fascist Spain. The author himself was one of those children ripped from his home and placed in “home” to make them productive citizens. I think this is going to be a great read.

So quite the variety right? We also ventured out to the bookstore for a coffee and quick magazine browse but that’s for another day. Anyway, what did you do this weekend?

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