Change of Plans

I was supposed to meet up with friends this weekend but all three of my dates got cancelled so that was a bummer but that meant that I had a chance to catch up on a bit of reading.

I read a bit more of Don Quixote and am now up to page 98. So now Sancho Panza has been introduced and I’ve read of the fight with the windmills and the burning of the books. These are all things I already knew about so I cannot even imagine what is ahead of me in the book. Many more pages to go!

I did finish The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and wow was I blown away by the big reveal. I had no clue who the culprit was. I will have a review later on but if you like mysteries don’t miss this one.

The latest edition of BookForum arrived in my mailbox on Saturday and even though I have another older edition still waiting to be read I started in on this one because they had a good article on books to film. Click here to see what some of the critics chose as the best adaptations.

Oh and I didn’t make it to the library after all but I’ll try to get out there this week and see what’s on the new bookshelf. Hope everyone has a great start to the week.

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