Catching Up

I’m back, a bit tired but I had a great time with my cousin. So now of course to get back to some sort of order and plan for the weekend – ha. I want to do some bookbinding but we’ve also got plans to go check out some art exhibits. Right now though all I can think about is curling up with a good book as the weather is kinda yucky.

And, have I got a good book waiting for me… I got a 15% B&N coupon the other day and had to use it on the latest Maisie Dobbs, Among The Mad.

As far as the rest of the weekend is concerned, I can’t wait to catch up on blog reading. I’m sure I’ve missed some great stuff and of course there’s the latest issue of Estella’s Revenge which has some wonderful articles on classics, graphic novels and a giveaway so check it out!

Alright, now it’s time for me to go make some tea and start in on my book. Have a wonderful weekend!

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