Catching Up

This weekend I’ve spent quite a bit of time catching up with my books but somehow I’m still behind. It wouldn’t be so bad but one of the books is for book group and I hate not reading the book in time.

I’m reading Zeno’s Conscience by Italo Svevo for my foreign authors book group and am also counting this as one of my choices for the Year of Reading Dangerously challenge. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised this novel is taking me a while to read after all the blurb on the back calls it a ‘miracle of psychological realism.’

What realism? I admit I’d never heard the term psychological realism but take a look at this Wikipedia definition. In this case Zeno has begun to write the historical analysis of his smoking habit at the request of his doctor and takes the reader along on the journey to examine his life. It’s interesting, at times funny, and with a bit of madness. I hope to finish this by Tuesday.

Two other books that didn’t quite get my attention this weekend despite hoping they would have are Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I already love this book. Easily this book could be read in a day I think but I want to savor it so I’m taking my time. Unfortunately my other book Engleby by Sebastian Faulks (which I’m reading for review at Estella’s Revenge) has been neglected a lot. I haven’t gotten very far into it and I may just have to re-start it.

Anyway, this week I’ve got my two book group meetings, bookbinding class and hopefully a lot of good reads ahead of me. Hope your week starts off great!

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