Catching Up

I hope you’ve all been doing great. I’ve been super busy at work lately and have also been dealing with some allergies so that’s left me with little to no motivation to blog and even my reading has been slow going. Then when you hear of all the awful news going on in the world you just want step away from the computer don’t you?

One very nice thing we’ve been able to do again though is go back outdoors. The summer heatwave we experienced was intense and even September was hot so it’s nice to start to see more normal temps and actually enjoy time outside. So recently we spent a morning at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

We walked some of the trails and stopped to take photographs here and there. It’s always so fun to learn something new about a new plant or flower. For example, I stopped to look at some pretty yellow flowers and learned they are called, sneezeweed. What a name right? Maybe that’s what set off my allergies. Ha.

As far as reading goes, this weekend I’ve been focusing on The Mountain View Murder by Patrick Kelly which features a retired police officer who is enjoying his peaceful new home in the beautiful mountain resort only to be drawn into a suspicious death investigation among one of the well known community members.

I’m going to be discussing this one this coming week with my mystery book group so I need to hurry. I have to say I wouldn’t mind being in that beautiful mountain resort now and just relaxing with some books!

Anyway, that’s a bit of a recap of what’s been going on around here lately. The next couple of weeks will also be quite busy at work but hopefully I’ll get my blogging and reading mojo back soon. Thank you as always for stopping by and hope you are enjoying the fall with some good books of course.

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