Catching Up

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Other than complaining about the heat, it was a quiet weekend. I am so ready for fall and hopefully cooler temps that I’ll take low 90s at this point!

Anyway, enough complaining because there are actually some exciting things to celebrate about living in Austin. We have three new indie bookstores! Well, technically one is in Dripping Springs but it’s not too far away. I’m just thrilled that my city is welcoming more bookshops. Thanks to the upcoming Labor Day weekend and an extra day off, I’m hoping to visit one of them.

This weekend I caught up on some snail mail and sent off a couple of letters and also did a bit of journaling. I even started listing all the books I need to do some mini reviews for and am I behind.

So overall didn’t do too much. We did have a quick visit in Barnes & Noble as it’s the closest bookstore to us and got to check out some interesting magazines. I saw a lot dedicated to fall and recipes and decorations for the upcoming season. I’m all in! Now though it’s time to get ready for the work week. I hope you have a great start to the week and hope you are enjoying some good books!

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