Catching Up

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. I didn’t mean to take a bit of a break from the blog but last week was just a bit busy. I wish I could say I was doing a lot of reading, and I have been, but it hasn’t been the fun reading kind. More like just stuff about HR to keep up with my studies.

Anyway to catch up, did you guys see that the Classics Club Spin was #3? That means I get to read The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield. I think when I was busy making my list I forgot that this was a short story. So I’m going to try and read the other stories included in my copy. It’s not a very large book so I’m hoping I can read it by end of April.

What else, oh yes, I finished A Study In Death by Anna Lee Huber and absolutely loved this installment in the series. I’m pretty sure I have the next book already waiting for me so I’m excited about that. If you’ve thought about checking out this series I do recommend it but I would definitely read in order.

Speaking of mysteries we’ve started watching Fortitude and the first couple of episodes have sort of reminded me of Trapped (which I really liked). I’m not quite sold on this one just yet but I do like the scenery although I’m thinking we should have saved this for the summer when it’s super hot here. Oh we hit 91 degrees yesterday! Too hot, too soon.

So this week I have a lot more course material to read but hopefully I can sneak in some of my books and I have coupons for Half Price Books. Yay. After my last visit when I found those cool vintage books you know that’s one of the areas I’ll be exploring. Here’s to a great week ahead!

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