Catching Up

bookmessThe last few days have been no fun here at Casa Bookgirl. Unfortunately I caught a cold and even had to take a couple of days off from work. I’m finally doing much better but can only imagine how hectic work will be on Monday as I’ll be playing catch up.

Now, you’d think with the time off at least I got a chance to relax and read but I had such a stuffy head from my cold that it made it hard to read. I felt like all I could do was watch YouTube videos on crafting. I am feeling kind of inspired now so I guess that’s good. Ha.

Actually I did finish River Road by Carol Goodman which I did enjoy and I’ll try to tell you more about it later. I’ve picked up a couple of other books and I have a notification from the library that some holds have come in which I hope to pick up tomorrow.

So that’s what’s been going on around here. Oh and we watched The Big Short which I really liked. Anyway, that’s about it. What about you, what have you been up to? Hope you have a great start of the week!

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