Catching Up

Oh friends what a week we had. It started off with a trip to the ER for my husband, thankfully, he is doing great but that was nerve-wracking. Then the rest of the week was just taken over by lots of stress at work. So this was the weekend that couldn’t get here soon enough!

I’ve been spending a lot of downtime. Taking naps, drinking hot chocolate, doing a bit of reading and not much else. Our house is a mess and my studio, well I can barely see my two work tables but I’m happy I’ve spent time relaxing. I needed that. There’s still quite a bit of Sunday left so I may actually start doing some work around my studio.

Unfortunately I haven’t filled up my shop with any new journals this season and I won’t have the chance to finish any new journals to add to my shop until the new year. I do have a little sale going on in case you are in need of some journals though, just enter “Happy2013” in the coupon code for a little discount.

On the reading front, I did finish Snow White Must Die by Nele Neuhaus so I hope to have a little review here soon.  And, yesterday when we went to the bookstore I had to buy the latest RT Book Reviews magazine. There are several new to me mysteries mentioned and I am looking forward to reading more about those.

Anyway, I hope you’ve all been doing great and catch up with you soon!

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