Catalogs, Journals & Magazines

I have three new sources keeping me away from my books this evening.

First, the Barnes & Noble catalog. Being a B&N Member I get one of these 150-page things. While I may not be surprised by any of the book mentions (it’s usually the bestsellers that get the limelight), the catalog does come with coupons. Yea, coupons!

Then my sweet friend Claire sent me New Books Magazine. I’ve already enjoyed reading the interviews with Monica Ali, Curtis Sittenfeld, and Zadie Smith. Next up the mini book reviews. You know I’ll be adding a lot of books to my ever growing list. Thank you Claire!

Finally, when I was in Chicago I picked up Bookforum. It’s been so long since I’ve read this journal. I can’t find it in any Dallas bookstore any more (I know, I should subscribe). What a treat it is to read this again.