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My intention for today was to write a quick book review but I’m going to save that for another day when I’m feeling a bit more inspired.  I think the heat is wearing me out and Summer has just started. I remember I used to love Summer and would spend hours running around in the heat, going to the pool, eating popsicles, and playing outside. As I got older I would dream about beach vacations but now give me cool weather!

Maybe I need to indulge in more Scandinavian crime fiction to imagine cool settings. Anyway, this post is not about the heat although here’s the weather forecast in case you are wondering why I’m grumpy!

So the other day I received the Algonquin books catalog and it made me think that I don’t get many book catalogs anymore. I understand that companies need to save pennies and want to be more green but it’s so nice to have a paper version isn’t it? I like to highlight items, fold corners, make notes, etc. and that’s kind of hard to do on an online version.


I used to have a favorite mystery books catalog which is no longer produced – the store who published it went out of business – but it had the best selections. Lots of classics mysteries and not just focused on the new and exciting titles of the moment.

So now I sign up for lots of electronic newsletters and wanted to share some of those with you. I’d love to hear of some of your favorites because I think I’m missing out on a bunch!

Alright tell me which ones you get and which ones I need to be subscribing to!

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