Busy Bookbinding

Well, hello October… Here were are mid month and I’m just now updating. Hope everyone is busy reading wonderful Fall books. Spooky reads? I know a lot of you are participating in RIP VII. I can’t believe I’m missing this wonderful challenge which I’ve participated in every year.  Perhaps I’ll get a chance to read some spooky stuff before the month is out.

What’s been keeping me busy lately is work of course, and a lot of bookbinding on the side. I had a great time at the Austin Flea last month and I’m doing it again at the end of this week. There are a lot of craft shows coming up now as the holiday season is upon us so I’m thinking of doing a few other shows.

Craft shows can be exhausting but so much fun too. I love being able to tell people how I got into bookbinding and a bit of what the process is like and Austin is a great place to meet fellow crafters. I belong to a group of very talented crafters and artists and they are all so willing to share experiences and knowledge.

Of course book reading is going on at Casa Bookgirl. I think the whole year has been a mystery kick as I continue to focus on mystery reads by Peter Robinson, Elly Griffiths and a few others. Currently I’m reading Finding Nouf by Zoe Ferraris which I know some of you highly recommended. So far I like! Anyway, that’s the scoop from here. Tell me what you’ve been reading and if there’s a book I must get now.

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