Brain Candy

A couple of months ago I couldn’t resist those annoying postcards that fall out of magazines that offer grand savings on subscriptions. I fell for the “Unbelievable Price” and “Save Even More” taglines. How could I resist the endless supply of bright postcards. Seriously, someone needs to find a way to dispose of these things before they take over the landfills.

But what did I do? I subscribed to Glamour & Lucky and I received them both today. I guess their marketing methods do work. So, no bookish news tonight – I’m off to read about 102 Ways to Dress Your Body Better and The Best Undiscovered Shopping Sources.

I do have book reviews coming up so check back. In the meantime more links have been added so make sure to visit some wonderful new blogs (more to come soon!).

Tonight’s poetry fragments are for Sam who likes the poetry of W.S. Merwin. It was a delight looking for his poetry, as I’d only read some of his translations before.

My friends without shields walk on the target

It is late the windows are breaking

My friends without shoes leave
What they love
Grief moves among them as a fire among
Its bells
My friends without clocks turn
On the dial they turn
They part

Excerpt from My Friends by W.S. Merwin. You can go here to read the poem in its entirety and you can even listen to a recorded reading.