Bookworm Alert

I know I often complain that the local newspaper doesn’t have much of a book section. For a while there I couldn’t even find it, but today I was pleasantly shocked. I was checking out the weekend events section and what do I find?

A Bookworm Bash! One of the cities in the Dallas Metroplex is hosting a huge book sale with all proceeds going to a local charity.

Doesn’t Bookworm Bash make you think of a grand party where everyone dresses up as their favorite characters? All evening is spent spouting off favorite lines and sharing the love (or hate) for a certain book or author. I wish I could host this, would you come visit?

Okay back to reality, I guess I don’t need to tell you what I’ll be doing this weekend right? I’m planning to be at the sale tomorrow.

Anyone else have any bookworm kind of plans this weekend? Please share.