Bookstore Visit

It finally happened, we went back to the bookstore on Saturday. Oh how we’ve missed our weekly visits but now that we are fully vaccinated we thought we’d celebrate by going to do some browsing (and shopping!). Our local B&N still requires face masks, which we were planning on wearing anyway, and the cafe only allows visitors to spend 30 minutes.

My first stop was the magazine section. Even before pre-COVID, I’d already noticed a lot of magazines folding but since then it’s really meant that many more have either shuttered or are scaling back to quarterly or fewer editions in a year. I didn’t see some of my favorites on the newsstand so not sure if that means they’re no longer being published or they just didn’t have them. Honestly I have no business getting more magazines as I have piles still to be read but I really enjoy them. I did find a Daphne’s Diary and had to have it.

Next I moved on to fiction and mystery sections and decided to pick up Mouthful of Birds by Samantha Schweblin an author I’ve heard a lot of great things about so looking forward to this book. It’s got a beautiful cover too. It was hard to limit myself to one book but in a way I think I was just overwhelmed being in a bookstore and the choices around me! haha..

After we browsed around we went to the cafe for some treats. It’s been more than a year since I’ve had a drink from a coffee shop and it tasted so good. We sat in the cafe area for about 30 minutes. I kept glancing over at the nonfiction books and have several titles I need to check out later.

We walked out with our purchases and while it wasn’t quite the same as when we used to spend long afternoons at the bookstore at least it was a start. There are also several indie bookstores in Austin and I look forward to start visiting them as well.

I hope you all had a great weekend and let me know if you’ve started venturing out to your local bookstore.

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