Books Read

Let’s talk about the books I read on vacation. Thanks to long plane rides, many train rides and sunny days in the park I was able to do lots of reading.

When we arrived at my mother-in-law’s house my husband already had a surprise for me. A package with the latest Joolz Denby novel was waiting for me. He knows how much I enjoy her writing and he ordered Borrowed Light for me. Isn’t that sweet?

It seems that I’m still on a mystery kick because I read Bundori by Laura Joh Rowland and The Reunion by Sue Walker. I was so excited to discover a new Victorian mystery series, A Rare Interest in Corpses by Ann Granger.

When I saw two books by Susan Hill, The Various Haunts of Men and The Pure in Heart, I knew I had to get them fast. I didn’t realize she had a mystery series. Unfortunately they didn’t quite deliver.

I raced through Silence of the Grave by Arnaldur Indridason and I almost gave up on An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears but I’m glad I didn’t.

Finally for some good old fiction I read The Bachelors by Muriel Spark and Natural Flights of the Human Mind by Clare Morall.

So I have a lot of reviews to write because some of these books really deserve more than a brief mention. I’ll keep you posted.