Books On My Radar

So, for this Friday Finds post I’ll share with you what books I’ve recently read about which have definitely gone on my wish list.


  • The Poet of Lochness by Brian Jay Corrigan. From Kirkus Review: An ill-matched American couple heads off to Scotland on a futile quest for the Loch Ness monster, in an atmospheric, bravely affecting debut. I found this one over at Jenclair’s.
  • The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker. Matt mentioned this novel recently and I liked what I’ve heard about it. It’s got an outcast daughter, family drama, coming of age….
  • The Safety of Secrets by Delaune Michel. A story of secrets and friendship unraveling. I’ve read about this one on several blogs now but I think I first heard about over at S. Krishna’s blog.
  • Under the Frangipani by Mia Cuto. A police procedural set in Mozambique. You know I love reading mysteries and foreign settings are my weakness. I found this one over on Euro Crime.
  • Sophie Pitt-Turnball Discovers America by Dyan Sheldon. This sounds like a funny YA novel about a teen who won’t be going to France for the summer and has to spend her time in America. Isabel mentioned this one and I have to put it on my list.

So, I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween. I’m stocked up on candy and ok, I admit I already started eating some of it. Heh. Aside from reading a scary story or two, I’m planning to spend Friday bookbinding and planning my itinerary for the Texas Book Festival – that’s this weekend. Woo-hoo. I promise to tell you all about it.

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