Books I’m Reading

It’s time for a quick update on the books I’m currently reading. I carried over  Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay from last month. This is a fun summer romance but unfortunately I just haven’t had a chance to spend too much time on it so I’m only about a quarter way in to the story. If you want to read a great review, check out Lark’s review which she recently posted.

Perhaps my surprise read has been The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin. This is one the books I chose for my 10 Books of Summer reading challenge and so far it’s an excellent read. Science fiction is not my typical genre but as I’m reading this I forget about the genre and just think about what if this were true? The protagonist, George Orr, has dreams which can actually change reality. Not prophetic dreams because the dreams can actually change the past too. He comes across a doctor who is going to help him stop having these dreams but well, there’s definitely more that’s going to go on.

The other book I’m reading is The Night Singer by Johanna Mo, translated by Alice Menzies. This is a Swedish thriller set on an island and I believe the first in a series introducing police detective Hannah Duncker who is back in her hometown and quickly becomes a part of an investigation into the death of a local teenager who also happens to be the son of her best friend. I’m near the end of this one and while I have found it enjoyable I haven’t quite warmed up to the main character.

Finally I also started Syllabus by Lynda Barry, which is another of my 10 Books of Summer selections. This is actually from Lynda Barry’s own notes and plans from her writing workshops. I’m barley into this one but it’s quite fun to see her notes and the exercises the students had to complete for the course.

I hope I can finish at least one of these books this weekend. How about you, do you have any bookish plans this weekend? Hope you have a great one and hope you are reading great books!

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