Books & A Break

Thank you again for all your comments on my recent book. I got several questions about bookbinding and how I got interested in that so here it goes.

About six years ago when I visited my husband (then boyfriend) in Germany he took me to an art exhibit as his university. I saw some amazing work by graphic designers, calligraphers and bookbinders. I admit I had never really thought of books as being works of art until then. I saw everything from traditionally bound books to simple pamphlets. The thought of making something as unique and personal as that set my creativity afire. Not to mention that as someone who’s been journaling forever I liked the idea of making my own journals.

I’ve since taken some classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas and at the Calligraphy Society of Dallas. The retreat I went on this weekend was through the Calligraphy Society. I’m not a calligrapher, my husband is the letter artist, but I tag along to the meetings as the group often has demos on paper arts. All of that has helped me tremendously as I explore book arts.

What I really wish is that I could take some classes here or here. Maybe one day. For now, I just take classes when I can and I study books on bookbinding.

In the meantime, I have to take a bit of a blog break. I’m having some wrist problems and my doctor has ordered me to wear a splint, not an easy thing to type with, and to rest. I’ll be visiting you but won’t be able to comment much. Boo-hoo.

And, I’m off to Austin on Friday for the Texas Book Festival. Yeah! So I promise to have a post on Monday with tales of treasures found. Happy Reading everyone.