BookMooch Love

I’ve been mooching recently and some of my mooches have been arriving and finding spots in my bookshelves. I’m still waiting on a couple of others so I’ll tell you about those later but want to hear what I got?

  • The Sound of Us by Sarah Willis. I’m not sure when/how this book ended up on my wish list but I do like the sound of it. Here’s a bit from the synopsis: Alice Marlowe accepts her life the way it is. She is single, in her late forties, lives with a cat named Sampson, and has imaginary conversations with her dead twin brother. As a sign-language interpreter for the deaf, she is used to standing between people, facilitating their conversations with each other. But then a late-night phone call brings a beautiful, scared six-year-old girl into her life. And seeing herself through a child’s eyes for the first time, she discovers that love is a universal language.
  • Mendocino and Other Stories by Ann Packer. After listening to Ann Packer at the Texas Book Festival a couple of weeks ago I knew I had to read something else by her. I thought her book The Dive From Clausen’s Pier was thought-provoking so I’m curious how this book will compare.
  • Booked to Die by John Dunning. A series featuring a tough homicide detective who also happens to be a booklover. Oh this sounds very good already. I may just have to bump this one up and choose it as one of my reads for the First in a Series challenge.

And, you know what else arrived in the mail recently? Half Price Books coupons. Good times ahead!

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