Bookish Bits

Book ‘Em
In an effort to help policemen in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico improve their communication skills, they will now be required to read a book a month. If they don’t they could risk not being promoted. I love this idea. My only quibble, is that I’d like to see some Rosario Castellanos, Laura Esquivel or Isabel Allende on the recommended list.

Strong Scents
Patrons at San Luis Obispo, California libraries must now make sure they smell nice and clean before visiting the library. How bad was it that it had to become a law? All I know is I’d hate to be the librarian in charge of telling someone they smell.

Look Who’s Reading
Go visit Christine at Snapshots from an Unmade Bed to hear about her encounter with Kazuo Ishiguro. Raise your hand if you can’t wait to read his latest book.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what book is keeping me up late at night – it’s that good but it’s also scary. I think I’ll keep my Itty Bitty book light on tonight.