Bookgirl Interrupted

Hi Friends,

I feel like I’m finally coming up for air from the hellish week we’ve had. First, let me start of by saying thank you so much for the messages checking in on me.

I had Monday off and spent a nice day hanging out but I could tell the weather was getting worse and the news was reporting the potential for rolling blackouts. At 5:37 pm we lost power and there was no rolling blackout in my area. It was just gone. We have a gas stove so at least we could ignite our stove for a bit of warm food and drink but we went to bed that night worried and hoping for the best.

Unfortunately Tuesday was more of the same. We were layered up and could barely move but could not get warm. I was super worried about my mom of course and while we could have gone to a warming center, the roads weren’t clear and we were also concerned about COVID.

Wednesday we woke up and still no power and by the afternoon I noticed our water flow was diminishing. Luckily we started collecting water in our bathtub and other containers. We had to get in our cars to charge up our phones (and that was actually a way to get warm!) but going to any store to look for any extra supplies was a wasted trip as store shelves were empty.

I stayed up late talking to my mom and trying to calm her fears and just as I was getting settled into bed, we heard our house alarm beep and my husband and I jumped out of bed. Our power was back! We finally saw the thermostat and it was 46 degrees in our house.

I tell you, I was almost in tears. We were ecstatic to have power and we could finally warm up our house. Thursday morning though we woke up to no flowing water and we haven’t had any since then and we are fortunate because I know there are other families who’ve been without power or water even longer, have experienced broken pipes, have no food and worst of all we are hearing stories about people losing family members to hypothermia.

I won’t even go into our “leaders” and their lack of accountability and action on this crisis. I say thank you to so many volunteers and good samaritans in our state who’ve really done more than them. While this weather event may have been unusual, I know I’ve had a good lesson on preparedness but I certainly hope our leaders come up with better solutions rather than just a blame game. And, while no we don’t have winters like these in central Texas, our summers can be brutal and what if the grid goes down then? Or what about the next hurricane?

It’s been crazy here but I hope soon this will be behind us. I promise to be back with regular book blog posts and blog visiting soon!

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