Booked by 3

I saw Shelly’s December Booked by Three and wanted to participate myself.

1. Books/Magazines as gifts?

  • Do you give them? Yes, mainly books.
  • Do you get them? Yes. I’m lucky to have people that know me well and can always give me a great book.
  • If you’ve gotten any as gifts, do you have a favorite? Very hard question to answer. Basically, if someone has given me a book, I really treasure it. I know a lot of thought went into getting me a book that would appeal to me.

2. End of Year Stats:

  • Most books read in a year? I’ve only been keeping a record of books read for the past 6 years. Last year I read the most so far with 102.
  • Least number of books read in a year? 52
  • Average number of books read in a year? 82

3. Any reading material on your wish list this year?

I can’t think of one title that’s standing out. All I know is that my to be read list is reaching book like proportions itself so I hope my husband knows where I’ve got that and can get me some books off of my list. Ha,ha…