Booked by 3

Shelly posted a new book meme which I couldn’t resist. I’ve also seen it up on Full Steam Ahead, Bookmark My Heart and I Love a Good Mystery. Did I miss anyone?

Here we go:

How do you find books to read? Reviews? Recommendations? Favorite Authors? Other?
All of the above. I read book reviews from Bookmarks & Pages. If my favorite authors have new books, I’ll add them to my list. I’ll also look to members of my book groups, especially the ones who I seem to share book tastes with. Lit blogs are also a great source on book recommendations. And, lastly, nothing can stop me from picking up a book just on it’s cover art alone.

Where do you get your books? Independent bookstores? Chain stores? Online? Library?
I would love to say that I buy all my books from indie bookstores but Dallas is home only to Borders and Barnes & Noble. I love those stores but I do wish we had a cozy indie bookstore. Mainly my shopping comes from Half Price Books, 75% Off Books and online. And, I’m a big supporter of the public library.

When? Or more accurately, how often? How many books on average do you get or buy each month?
As far as library books go, I seem to check out a bagful on my weekly visits. Buying, well, I don’t even want to see the amount I’m spending as I might get scared.

Alright you know the drill, if you have posted your answers let me know. Would love to read them.