Bookbinder’s Dream

My husband gets the John Neal Bookseller catalog regularly. He always shares it with me but this time I got to see it before he did. My little triumph was short lived though because after seeing so many must-have books and supplies I had to remind myself that I have too many unfinished projects and brand new supplies waiting so I can’t order anything… yet.

He gets the catalog to find items for his calligraphy needs but the catalog has been seeing more additions of the bookbinding and paper crafts kind. There are books on how to make journals, books on paper making and supplies such as nibs, inks, and even a bookbinder’s book press. I must have that one day.

So if paper arts are your sort of thing go to their web site and get on their list.

On the reading front, I did finish the Venice book and it was okay. Not a great read but it did have Venice as a setting so at least it had that. Now I’m about to start Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook. Yes, I know the movie is coming out soon and that’s why I want to read it first. Granted I’ll definitely be seeing the movie as it’s got John Cusack in it.