Book Therapy

A couple of weeks ago I was having a really tough week at work. We were on endless conference calls, my lunch hour was mainly spent at my desk, and I think in general we were all having a bit of spring fever.

One day when I couldn’t leave my desk for my usual lunch hour I decided I needed to do some book shopping or else. So I decided to visit BookCloseouts. I had forgotten about my little shopping spree though until today when my box arrived.

All of my books came from their bargain section so my little splurge wasn’t too hard on my purse. Here’s what I got:

  • The Book of Dead Birds by Gayle Brandeis. I remember hearing quite a bit about this book when it came out a while back so I thought I’d give it a try.
  • A Dry Spell by Clare Chambers. I found out about this author through Danielle so I’m excited to read this book.
  • The Mysteries of Glass by Sue Gee. I read The Hours of Night a couple of years ago and meant to read another of her books. Thanks to a recent post by Ann I remembered I should read another of Sue Gee’s books.
  • Thorn by Vena Cork. According to a review, fans of Nicci French or Minette Walters, or anyone with a taste for edgy psychological thrillers, will find her one of the most exciting discoveries in years. It’s been hit or miss with me with some of the Nicci French books but I do like Minette Walters a lot so I need to check this one out.
  • The Woman Who Painted Her Dreams by Isla Dewar. Another author who I’ve read one book from and enjoyed so would like to read more by her.
  • Small Island by Andrea Levy. A novel that’s won the Orange Prize and the Whitbread Book awards should be good right? It does sound interesting to me so why not.
  • Mr. Golightly’s Holiday by Salley Vickers. I enjoyed Miss Garnet’s Angel and have had this book on my wishlist.

Book therapy is a good thing.

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