Book Review: Pretty In Ink

prettyinink.jpg“If your name is Britney Brassieres, being taken down by a tsunami of champagne might seem only fitting.”

Another madcap adventure awaits talented tattoo artists and business owner, Brett Kavanaugh in Pretty In Ink, the entertaining second installment of the Tattoo Mystery series by Karen E. Olson.

Brett is out with her friends enjoying the opening night for the Nylons and Tattoos show featuring Vegas’s most glamorous drag queens. With high heels, fancy dresses and creative names in place the show is sure to be a hit but when Britney Brassieres is knocked out by a champagne cork during her performance, chaos ensues.

Brett saw the guy who approached the stage to knock out Britney but she didn’t get a good look at his face. She did however see his tattoo and that’s not something she’ll forget. The investigation heats up when Britney dies and then as Brett is looking into some clues the trail leads her to another death and a strange case of poisoning. Could Las Vegas be looking at a terrorist threat?

Brett is not one to sit back and let her detective brother do all the work. She asks questions, follows her insticts and soon enough is also relying on her rival tattoo artist, Jeff Coleman to get her out of some scrapes. I love that Brett’s employees, Bitsy and Joel, also get in on the action again.

When Karen contacted me about reviewing her book I was thrilled to say yes. I’ve been a fan of Karen’s Annie Seymour series and was sad when that came to an end but I’m happy to say I’ve found another winner in her Brett Kavanagh series. These books are fun and fast. I didn’t guess whodunit but I didn’t care as I was enjoying the adventure. I’m happy to note that the third book is going to be out this fall. Check out Karen’s site and you can read the first chapters for Pretty In Ink and The Missing Ink.

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