Book Organizing

chocotreatsHi Friends – I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ve been a bit busy at work and home so that’s why my posting and blog visits have been a bit off lately but I hope to get a bit more caught up over the Thanksgiving holiday. We don’t have any family in town and the friends we used to spend Thanksgiving with are now in Sweden so it should be quiet around here. Well, some online shopping may be happening. Ha.

I know the picture I used here has nothing to do with book organizing but my husband made some chocolate turtles and these are delicious. He used a recipe from Raw Energy and he’s been busy checking out some new recipes from other books to try out some new dishes this week. I’m ready to try!

As far as the book organizing is concerned, my shelves have been overflowing and I decided to weed the stacks a bit. I have quite a few books going to Half Price Books and some to share at my next book group night. I got rid of a lot of magazines and I’m not done as I still want to tackle some of my artsy/crafty books and magazines but that may have to wait. At least I don’t have anymore books on the floor next to my shelves. They all fit (even if they are double-stacked). The hard part about book organizing is that it takes so long doesn’t it? I end up re-discovering books.

What else, we did go to EAST for some artsy fun and that was great. Unfortunately the weekend was marred by a small fender bender. I was at a stop sign in the Barnes & Noble parking lot when a car backing out didn’t see my car. Not huge damage but really a bummer to have to deal with this. At least I have a short work week and I’m very excited about that.

So what about you, what have you been up to?

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