Book Memories

readitforwardSo I don’t know about you but I love to receive newsletters about books. You know I’m a big fan of Book Page and I also read RT Book Reviews regularly but I’m also signed up to receive newsletters from publishers to find out what’s new in books. One of my favorites is the Berkley Prime Crime even though they tend to feature a lot of cozies which I don’t necessarily reach for.

Anyway, I recently signed up for Read It Forward and this week they had a neat list of books for party animals so you can “live vicariously through some of the most epic feasts, adolescent ragers, and drug-fueled benders in literature.” So I don’t think that normally would have caught my attention but then I saw one book — The Pigman by Paul Zindel and I was taken back to my junior high school days.

I don’t remember anything about the novel now but I just remember how much I loved it then. Then of course I started thinking of other books I loved back then. Again, no memories really of the plots but the titles just took me back to those school days. Of sharing books with friends, reading way up past my bedtime and going to the library to hunt through the shelves in hopes of finding another book by a favorite author. Fun times.

So do you have book related newsletters you enjoy reading? Any you can recommend? I’d love to sign up for more.

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