Book Festival & Friends

We had beautiful weather this weekend perfect for the Texas Book Festival.

The first author I got to see on Saturday was Laurie Halse Anderson who was just wonderful. She was so funny and so passionate about her love of history and writing. I’ve only read two of her books but know I’ll be reading more by her.

After her talk I got to hear Julia Glass whose books I’ve not read yet but after hearing her I’m definitely excited to try one. I actually do have one of her books on my shelves but you know how that goes.

The most exciting part for me came next and that’s because I got to meet several Texas Book Bloggers! Jenn, Carin, Amanda, Trish, and Karen cover a wide range of bookish topics on their blogs and of course we all share a love of books. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to spend more time with them but maybe next year we can think of doing something else – a book exchange, meeting up for breakfast? I don’t know but we’ll think of something.

After our lunch break we went to a book talk sponsored by Vintage Books and we got to hear authors Abraham Verghese and Courtney Sullivan talk about books and book groups. Vintage also passed out some books & totes and I got The Vintage Caper by Peter Mayle and Bloodroot by Amy Greene.

On Sunday there were going to be more authors but I only went to see Justin Cronin talk about his book The Passage. I’ve not read it but of course I really want to now.

So, all in all a fun event. Oh but can you believe I didn’t buy any books. None. Maybe it was the heat that affected me after all. Ha. I do have a lot of new books to tell you about but I’ll save that post for tomorrow.

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