Book Fest Bust

I was all excited to attend the Texas Book Festival this weekend but after traffic to get to downtown, search for available parking and finally a long line to get through security to get into the auditorium, all seats were taken and the doors closed to see Margaret Atwood. I was so bummed out. I walked a bit through the vendor tents but didn’t buy anything. Shocking I know. I think I was just bummed out after being turned away from the Atwood reading.

I did get to see a talk by Jonathan Lethem and Adrian Tomine and that was really fun. Both talked about comics, upcoming books and the sense of place that is very important in their works. I’ve not read anything by Jonathan Lethem but would like to now and I’m looking forward to Adrian Tomine’s new book, Killing and Dying.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI couldn’t spend all day at the festival because I had some stuff going on at home but I’m thinking maybe next year I will just camp out on the Capitol grounds and that way I make it to my sessions! Ha.
One exciting thing that did happen this weekend is that I got my Mixbook. This is the first time I send my vacation pictures to turn into a book and I am quite happy with the end result.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe photos are true to color and the paper thickness is quite nice too. I did see one page spread that had the photo alignment a bit off but to be honest that could have been my fault. I am not sure if I overlooked that before I sent it. Still it’s not too terribly noticeable so I’m okay with it. I would definitely use this again for another photo book.

So how was your weekend? I know some of you did the Read-A-Thon so I hope you enjoyed that. I did not read very much at all this weekend. Today I could have but ended up taking a nap instead and that felt very nice. I will try to catch up a bit on my reading tonight though because I’m not done with my book group book and I better hurry.

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