Book Fair

We went to the Austin Book Workers’ Book Arts Fair today and although we didn’t stay for very long I enjoyed looking at some of the activities that were going on like paper marbling and rubber stamping. I saw some cool book sculptures:


Actually, I found out that Recycled Reads hosts an Upcycle This workshop every first Thursday of the month. They take old books and give them a new life through sculptures, jewelry, etc. I have to go check that out one day.

But back to the book fair… There were books on display to showcase various bookbinding techniques, like stab binding, pamphlet stitch, etc. And, they also had a lot of books on bookbinding. I saw some titles I wouldn’t mind having for my own.


And, they also had someone showing how a printing press works. I still want to learn to do this one day!


I’ve missed attending the Book Workers’ meetings but unfortunately I just haven’t been able to make time for them. Maybe in the Fall. Anyway, I’m just so excited that this group exists to promote the love of bookmaking and that events like these take place. Hurrah for book arts!

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