Book Crisis

I had a bit of a book crisis this weekend when I wanted to start reading my second book choice for the Once Upon a Time Challenge (the lists over on the side are not in any order). As I was in the mood for something light and different than my other two books I was reading, I thought I’d start with Artemis Fowl.

I looked on my shelves and found nothing and then I remembered it was my husband’s book. So I asked him for his copy and he looked at me like I was crazy.

You see dear readers, the copy he has is a German translation of the book. Ack! Of course my husband didn’t miss a beat and reminded me that I really should learn German. Yes,yes, whatever.

Most importantly, there goes my resolve to only read books from my stacks for the challenge. Luckily, BookMooch came to my rescue and I found a copy to mooch. Book Crisis solved for now. Although I think my next book crisis will revolve around the fact that I’m very behind on my challenge reading and I haven’t even posted links to the other challenges I’m joining.

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