Book Club Night

I met up with my book club last night to discuss Cop Hater by Ed McBain and while we all seemed to go on quite a bit about how dated the book seemed, we still gave it a good rating.

I’ll try to do a review of it but in the meantime I can say that for a book written in 1956, I was actually kind of impressed with how the detectives were able to get so much information from clues they were working with. The women in the book unfortunately don’t come across as anything other than femme fatales or housewives. Ah well, glad to see police procedurals have come a long way.

Actually, this is the first book in a series that I think spanned more than 50 books so I actually would be curious to see how the books changed over time. Has anyone read the McBain series? I have a hard time keeping up with series that get long (say more than 15 books) so I can barely imagine keeping up with one that goes up to 50. Wow.

Next month we’ll be reading The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch which I believe has been a bestseller in Germany. This one is a medieval mystery and so I’m looking forward to it as it’s been a while since I read a historical mystery.

Over the next few months we’ll be reading books by Tana French, Malla Nunn, and Deborah Crombie. I think we’ve got a great lineup of mysteries don’t you?

Alright and now it’s time to go read.

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