Book Buying

It was a good weekend made complete by a stop at the 75% Off Bookstore. We hadn’t been there in a while so it was nice to visit. My husband found some art and design books while I found the following:

Gallows View and A Dedicated Man by Peter Robinson
Last Lullaby by Denise Hamilton
After the Quake: Stories by Haruki Murakami
Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes: Selected Poems by Billy Collins

I’ve already had a quick read through of some of the poems in the Billy Collins book. Here’s an excerpt from Books

From the heart of this dark, evacuated campus
I can hear the library humming in the night,
a choir of authors murmuring inside their books
along the unlit, alphabetical shelves,
Giovani Pontano next to Pope, Dumas next to his son,
each one stitched into his own private coat,
together forming a low, gigantic chord of language.

Isn’t that beautiful? I can’t wait to read more of the poems.