Book Bounty

I’m one lucky Bookgirl as I’ve received some great ARCs lately. Of course, what I’d like to really get is more hours in the day so I could read all of these at once. Wouldn’t we all, right? Anyway, let me tell you about these:

  • The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine by Alina Bronsky. Her debut novel, Broken Glass Park, was one of my favorite reads last year so I was very excited to get this ARC. This is the story of three women whose destinies are tangled up in a family dynamic that is at turns hilarious and tragic. Set behind the Iron Curtain and in a reunified Germany. Can’t wait to read this one.
  • Tales from the Yoga Studio by Rain Mitchell. You’ve all heard about my love for yoga so when this book was offered to me I quickly said yes, please! In this book a group of women come together to learn about connections and finding joy as they practice their warriors and downward dogs.
  • Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry. A thriller which starts off when a woman jumps into Lake Champlain when she sees a small child drowning. The child only speaks French and so she starts to investigate what happened.
  • The Night Season by Chelsea Cain. Many of you have recommended this writer to me so I’m looking forward to this thriller. In this story a serial killer is terrorizing Portland and a reporter is determined to find out what is going on.
  • What You See in the Dark by Manuel Muñoz. Desire turns deadly in the small California town where scenes of Psycho are being filmed. Looks like a gritty, noir read.
  • When Tito Loved Clara by Jon Michaud. Clara grew up in a poor Dominican neighborhood but that is now behind her as she lives a quiet professional life with her American husband and their son, granted she is often thwarted by her relatives who don’t understand her gringa ways.
  • The Dreamseller: The Calling by Augusto Cury. “I try to sell courage to the insecure, daring to the timid, joy to those who have lost their zest for life, sense to the reckless, ideas to the thinkers.”
  • The View from Garden City by Carolyn Baugh. What a timely book… This tells the story of a young American student living in Cairo. Although she came to study Arabic, she learns far more from the women, young and old, whom she meets within the swirl and tumult of Garden City.
  • An Embarrassment of Riches by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Can I just say I love the title. This is a vampire novel set in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the middle of the thirteenth century. I just realized that this book is #22 in the series. That’s a lot of books.

There I think that’s all of them. Have you read any of these? What did you think?

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