“O let us cast dull care away
Again be children for a day
Witches goblins have their sway
‘Tis Halloween, let’s joke and play.”

~ Vintage postcard greeting

I’m ready for Halloween. I’ve stocked up on candy, probably more than we’ll actually need for the trick or treaters, but I don’t mind having leftovers you know.

So while I was doing some blog hopping today I saw over at Texas Pages that they listed the 10 scariest characters in literature. There are some good choices on there and if I had to add one I’d say La Llorona. Who would you add?

Anyway, if you are still looking for some scary stories to read, I recommend The Woman in Black by Susan Hill, Sleep, Pale Sister by Joanne Harris, and Come Closer by Sara Gran. Just don’t forget to leave the lights on.

Hope everyone has a very happy Halloween!

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