Guess who turns 9 years old? My blog!

This last year has been hard for me to keep up with blogging and there were times that I thought maybe it was time to move on but then I’d start to think of all the reasons why I blog and I just knew I wanted to continue even if some months were more sporadic than others.

It’s not that I got tired of blogging but I needed some time away. My job was stressful, I was trying to grow my crafty venture and also spend more time with an aging parent. I know you all have commitments and time is precious so I really appreciate all of you for hanging in there with me. Thank you for your friendship and understanding.

I still work and have my craft business, and I still have to deal with the reality of a parent who needs more attention but the breaks have been good for me.  Now that I’ve been blogging on a more regular basis again I feel more excited about it and I’m reminded again why I love to do this. I love sharing good books with you, reading about your experiences, the book blog community, challenges, memes, all of it. It’s so great to share this reading life with you.

Now for the fun part. To celebrate my bloggiversary I’m giving away a journal from my shop – the winner gets to choose. Just leave me a comment, would love to hear what book you are excited about reading this Summer so I can add it to my list. I’ll announce the winner at the end of the week. As for me I think a bit of book shopping is the way to celebrate these nine years!


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