It’s my bloggiversary and it’s a big one – 20 years! Is that crazy or what? When I started my blog I figured it would be fun but didn’t think too much about the future or had any long term plans. I had been reading blogs for at least a year by then and I loved reading about travels, crafting and other ways that people were documenting their days and I thought wouldn’t it be great to talk about books as they’ve always been a constant in my life?

Before I knew it, I had asked my husband if he would design a header for blog and soon I published my first post. As weeks and months passed I started meeting other book bloggers and through the years we’ve shared stories not just about the books we are reading but the stories we are creating in our lives with our families, trips, hobbies, etc.

Blogging has certainly changed over the past few years but even when I read about how blogging is dead, those of us who are still blogging about books seem to be going strong. Well, sometimes we may fall behind but we return!

I just want to say thank you so much for being here, for being part of the book blogging community and for sharing in the love of books. Now off to do a bit of celebrating! And, I hope you have a fabulous day!


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